Love Bytes: Breakup Songs And Having A "Type"

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Why race isn't important, plus Jon Gosselin and Katherine Heigl.

Love Bytes: Five must-click sex, love and relationship links.

Forget your type. Why physical traits shouldn't matter. [College Candy]

I’ve never quite understood the idea of having a “type” when it comes to dating. Favorite ice cream flavor? Sure. Favorite type of guy? Not so much. Perhaps this is because I’ve gone out and hooked up with a lot of different kinds of men, and I’ve found myself equally attracted to guys of varying ages, races, heights, and builds.

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Orgasmic or not, The Ugly Truth has some interesting scenes. [The Frisky]

Whoever thought of the premise for Katherine Heigl's orgasm in The Ugly Truth (her awful-looking upcoming flick with Gerard Butler) should be fired. Hot blonde woman randomly receives a pair of remote control vibrating panties in a package at her front door, puts them on for a date, which somehow turns into a business meeting, and then starts orgasming in front of all her business colleagues when a little boy stumbles upon the remote control. Um, what?

Heartbreak Hotel? Here's the top breakup songs. [Em & Lo]


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