Davidoff Cigar Ads: Breath Of Fresh Air?

davidoff cigar ad

Old men and "O" faces. Are guys finally being objectified in advertising?

A string of not too sexy (but plenty heeby jeeby) Davidoff cigar ads recently surfaced. This new campaign features men with blissed-out "O" faces and a cursive quote that reads "Every Man Has A D-spot." Orgasm Device Awaits FDA Approval

Plumes of smoke circle the faces, which makes the viewer wonder if it's cigar smoke causing the pleasure-struck expressions or something of a more prurient (or violent?) nature.

Big deal right? Well, some who eagle-eye and analyze such things say these cigar ads may signal the beginning of the ad industry sexually objectifying men. For once it isn't a half-naked female model toying with a phallic-type object. Nope. We're gifted with a graying, middle-aged guy (whom we wouldn't want to see orgasm anyway, shhhhh) next to a phallic-type object. Lucky us.

Is this the ad industry's version of baby steps? Would it kill them to get a cologne-ad caliber type of a guy?

As Amanda Hess for Washington City Paper writes:

First of all, the ads are specifically not focusing on women/objects as a means to that pleasure. Great! Still, while I appreciate the attempt at sexist imagery switcheroo here, I’m not sure I ever want to be comfortable being persuaded to buy something by looking at a David Duchovny look-a-like experiencing a contact high orgasm.

Our sentiments exactly. Which is why we're doubtful this truly is a "sexist imagery switcheroo." Honestly, this is equivalent to a campaign full of middle-aged mothers on the verge of climax.

Yeah. Wrap your head around that one.


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