Mark Sanford: Mistress Is My "Soul Mate"


mark sanford soul mate
The governor says his mistress is his soul mate, but he'll fall in love with his wife again.

It's been a rough week or so for South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford. Not only has his affair with Argentina native Maria Belen Shapur come out, but since this revelation, many of the state's lawmakers are calling on Sanford to step down. And while the governor insists that he is ready to "fall back in love" with his wife, Jenny, he has also sought to take control of the situation. And by control, we mean blow up any credibility he had left.

In an inteview with the Associated Press, Sanford said he's had flirtations with other women, but he "didn't cross the sex line." He called Belen Shapur, whom he met in 2001, his "soul mate," but said he was committed to his wife. In hopes of working things out with her, the governor had a farewell meeting with Belen Shapur in New York that had been approved by both Jenny and Sanford's spirital advisor.  What We Learn From Gov. Sanford's Love E-mails


Sanford told the AP:

I don't want to blow up future earning power, I don't want to blow up the kids' lives. I don't want to blow up 20 years that we've invested. But if I'm completely honest, there are still feelings in the way. If we keep pushing it this way, we get those to die off, but they're still there and they're still real.

Sanford also told the news organization, "I will be able to die knowing that I had met my soul mate," in reference to Belen Shapur.

Calls for his resignation are growing louder and some are even questioning the governor's mental state after the latest confessions. We're thinking similar thoughts. Mainly, "Who announces their soul mate lives in Argentina, while trying to make it work with their wife in South Carolina?"

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