Comment of the Day 06/30

Comment of the Day 06/30

Texting in dating is a hot topic as of late. Some people are for it, others against it. And as we work out this new communication ground, cassiopoeia offers this advice:

The guy I'm seeing is in a touring band (yeah, I know, I've gotta beat the green-eyed monster down with a stick sometimes, but it's usually OK) and I think text is really underrated.

Historically, love letters were the thing. Then the telephone came and people thought it would never replace the letter. But it pretty much has - when was the last time you got a real, honest to god letter from an absent lover? (I know it's still done, but it's rare.)

Texting can be full of passion and emotion if done thoughtfully. It's hard to talk to him since he's in and out of service while he drives all over and when he's in one place it's very, very loud. But the sexy and romantic (and even pedantic) notes wee send each other aren't just icing - they actually make it better.

They key is to do it well and be creative - you've got around 150 characters to express yourself in, and a surprising amount of feeling can be crammed in if you're up to the challenge and have either a smart phone or some patience with the tiny keys (I'd recommend the smart phone, but my guy has a normap phone and does just fine).

The text/dating problem doesn't arise from the medium, it arises from non-creative use of it.

Thanks Cassiopoeia!


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