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Love Bytes: 3 Ways To Improve Your Relationship

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Improving your relationship, silver divorce and commitment dealbreakers.

Love Bytes:  Five must-click  sex, love and relationship links.

Study shows that men mostly agree on who they find attractive whereas women have a broader range. [Asylum]

The ladies, on the other hand, didn't paint such a clear picture of what they desired. There were many cases of gals giving high attractive scores to the same picture others had trashed with low marks.

The divorce rate for women over 60, or the "Silver Divorce," is on the rise. [FirstWivesWorld]

3 ways to improve your relationship. [HuffingtonPost]

How to still look your best while saving a bunch of money. [Recessionwire]

3 dealbreakers to be careful of before making a commitment. [MarieClaire]


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