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Comment of the Day 06/30


Everyone loves to give single people advice. Even single people. In response to "5 Things Single Women Hate to Hear", CJos refutes all of the advice in the comments and adds this:

I would listen to NONE of that advice!!! I can understand if you are interested in finding the "right person" for you, but first, find out what you want. Not just in a relationship, but other things as well. Do you really want to try sky diving or take art classes? Don't put off doing what interests you and will help you grow as a person. Learn to enjoy the little things. If you are well adjusted, happy and in tune with your own wants and needs you have a much better chance at choosing the right type of person to be with.

Not only that, but if you are happy and self-confident you will be attractive and appealing to others as well.

Thanks, Cjos!


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