3 Secrets To Exuding Sexy


woman smelling flower
How to look and feel your foxiest—without even trying!

3) Don't Force Your Wardrobe. No matter what your shape, don't be afraid to bare a little, advises Gottlieb. This is not about spending money on trying to look hot. It's about letting your clothes be an expression of who you are. Accentuate your positives. Go for bold colors or sleek darks, whichever you like. Pay attention to the clothes you choose to wear every day. Go for patterns that make you happy. Accessorize. Choose what's comfortable and flirty and reflects your personal style. Only you can pull off your style with such ease. Own it. Be confident in it. And when someone compliments you on how amazing you look, don't shrug it off. Look your admirer right in the eye and, with a warm grin, Usher forth a genuine, appreciative thank you. Relish the rewards. You earned them. These are your clothes, this is your vibe—and it is pitch-perfect sexy.

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