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Crossing your best friend's line


You like someone but are you afraid its going to hurt your best friend? Your love interest is not worth breaking your friendship. Here are a little tips to help so you can your friend can stay friends. One, if you and your best friend like the same person, see who liked that person first. Let that person like the crush, since they liked him/ her first, and if things don't work out, then you can go ahead with the next move. Two, don't like your best's friends boyfriend/ girlfriend. Obviously that's going to get you into trouble. Three, becareful of rebounds. If someone just got out of a deep relationship, then more than likely they're going to be in pain. Always give them about 2 weeks to cope back together; more if the relationship was very serious.Because they're sad, they may regret something they do because of a rebound; its best to stay clear. Four, always be careful if the person you want to date IS you best friend. Of course you've known them a long time and you've probably grown feelings for them, but things could get rough. Nothing's stopping you no doubt, but if anything dealing with the relationship goes wrong, you're friendship might be hard to retrieve. And finally, don't be afraid to tell you're best friend if something is wrong with their love interest, but be afraid if you're making it up. Telling them if something is wrong (such as the boyfriend/ girlfriend is cheating on your best friend) because you care for your best friend are what friends do. However if you make up something up to get with their boyfriend/ girlfriend or because you don't like seeing them together, well then your friend will probably not thank you for that. All of these are mere tips, and you do not have to choose to follow them, but following them could make juggling your friends and you crush much more easier.


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