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meghan mccain
Plus bad reasons to hook up, texting while dating and what to do with momma's boys.

Some days you roll out of bed and have dozens of dynamite ideas for articles. And some days you roll out of bed and are so bitterly disappointed in Team USA soccer that you really can't really imagine how anything in world matters enough to write about it. But you're a professional and little things like Team USA soccer blowing a 2 – 0 halftime lead aren't supposed to affect your work. Meh! That being said, I really didn't have enough in the tank for a regular post this morning, instead you get links.

First up, Asylum put together a real think piece… an interview with Meghan McCain's breasts. Amy Carter never would have put up with something like this. Then again, Amy Carter doesn't have a rack like Meghan McCain.


And it's possible that because of her sweet front porch that Meghan McCain may need this product that The Frisky seems to love. This problem, boobs being uncomfortable at night, is item #468 of things that men just don't know about (like band-aids over nipples).

The ladies over at College Candy have a dope top ten list of bad reasons to hookup. Surprisingly, "Nothing Good On TV" didn't make the list. I guess it is a good reason.

One of our users (Ms Heart Beat) has a solid top ten list of texting while dating advice.

The site The Player's Field has a funny he said / she said on being in a relationship with a momma's boys. Surprisingly, Ryan Seacrest doesn't get mentioned anywhere. That's weird.

Em & Lo ( have introduced a new term: playdar. Check out what it is and know that I don't have it. At all. In fact, it's like every single other person is covered in playdar absorbing materials.

A good one from Gawker: Ever wonder "how are we tricking teens into using condoms these days?" Not surprisingly, it involves Leighton Meester (not that I watch that show).

Simone Grant ( has a list of 5 reasons being a single gal in NY the City is cool. Even though I'm not a girl (on the outside), I'd like to add: most people don't think you're a degenerate if you go to the movies by yourself. 

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