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Comment of the Day 06/29


Comments aren't always for saying fancy or witty things on a web site, sometimes they are merely about connecting. Nicole Perri wrote a fabulous essay about how Michael Jackson was her first love and she struck a chord. Several of you out there also loved Michael with the same passion as Nicole. ybrown81 writes:

i loved Michael Jackson and even after dangerous I was still hanging in there. When i was younger I had posters,pursses,t-shirts, shoestrings and about anything that had michael jackson on it. I feel the same thing about his music no matter what anyone else says about his life and some of his strange habits i will always love Michael and I can relive my love for him everytime i listen to any of his songs....

AndEarthGoddess concurs:

Except for a few minor details, I could have written this myself. I adored him as a child. I had an MJ doll, posters, videos, and of course albums and tapes. He was the soundtrack to my childhood and I feel like a part of my childhood died along with him. I hope he now finds the peace he was always searching for .... he's now moonwalking in the sky!

Thanks ladies for sharing and connecting!


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