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Should lies breakup a couple?


Ok long story short one thing i cannot handle in the world is a liar.I'm not one bit perfect but a lie can pull me apart no matter how big or small. My boyfriend of 4 months lied to me by telling me his cousins werent his actual cousins (but thats not too big of deal) but he lied to my parents and I by telling us he lived with his
aunt and not in a grroup home. It doesnt matter to me about where he lives what matters to me is what type of person he is and how he treats me. It does matter that as much as he opened up to me about EVERYTHING ELSE but something a small as this he lies to me.Im hurting a little bit but at the same time im like whatever i can focus more on work and having fun anyway. I dont think people really understand how lying to me losses all of my trust and respect but its a really important trust factor to me. Should i do him (end it) or forgive but not too easily forget?  

.......Emanuel Gavin


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