How To Combat Post-Sex Regret


How To Combat Post-Sex Regret
Learn how to cure post-sex regret.

Understand his need to sleep: In many ways, men can’t help but feel sleepy after sex. He’s just had one heck of a workout, which can be an exhausting, tension-relieving experience. This is especially true in post-orgasm situations since his prolactin levels are high. Don’t take these reactions personally, especially in how they can impact your overall sexual satisfaction. He needs to rejuvenate both body and mind during this final phase of his sexual response cycle, known as the refractory period.

Engage in afterplay: Instead of hitting the shower or checking your e-mail, relish this time to relax in each other’s arms. Allow your energies to merge even more with affectionate touches and pillow talk. Use this time post-sex to exchange intimate thoughts, including what you liked about the sex you just had, for example,“That was so great when you...”

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