10 Famously Unwed Couples


10 Famously Unwed Couples
These unmarried stars love each other to death, even if they never put a ring on it.

Jenny McCarthy & Jim Carrey - Jenny McCarthy, 36, and Jim Carrey, 47, joined the Pitt-Jolie ranks of December 2005 celebrity hookups that lasted. Jenny has said that after her 2005 divorce, she prayed to meet a big-hearted man who would love her and her little boy. Jim has become a close father figure to Jenny's son Evan, a seven-year-old with autism, and she has referred to Jim as the "autism whisperer." They have said that they are married in their hearts, and Jenny told Ellen DeGeneres in 2008 that they don't need a "piece of paper."

Goldie Hawn & Kurt Russell - These two are the quintessential Hollywood life-partners having been together since—get ready—1983. Goldie, 63, and Kurt, 58 raised their Brady Brunch-style family together (she had Oliver & Kate Hudson to a previous marriage while he had son Boston), and their son Wyatt was born in 1986. Goldie told the BBC in 2008 that not being married keep things "fresh" because she knows she "can wake up and walk out at any moment."


Matthew McConaughey & Camilla Alves - Seriously, we have never seen Matthew McConaughey like this. Remember that actor who loved his own physique so much that he once said he couldn't ever go a day without breaking a sweat? Yeah. Love is what a 25-year-old Brazilian model and Bravo host can do to a 39-year-old bachelor. After a quick courtship and then son Levi's birth in July 2008, the gorgeous pair announced this month that they are expecting Baby Number Two. Matthew McConaughey To Have A Kid: The Sequel

Nicole Richie & Joel Madden - Another couple expecting their second child together are 27-year-old Nicole and her 30-year-old rocker boyfriend Joel. The two started dating in 2007 after his highly-publicized with the much younger Hilary Duff and had daughter Harlow Winter Kate Madden in January 2008. 

Halle Berry & Gabriel Aubrey - This couple first debuted together in February 2006 at a party thrown by Donatella Versace. At 42 she is nearly a decade his senior, and he finally put her years of baby-channeling to rest in March 2008 when they had daughter Nahla Ariela. Halle has said that she feels very content in their relationship, with more love between them than she had with her two husbands combined.

Ryan O'Neal & Farrah Fawcett - It's said that in the more than two decades that they were together (albeit on-and-off), Ryan proposed to Farrah multiple times. Each time she refused, until shortly before her death when she finally accepted. Unfortunately the two never had the chance to exchange vows; Farrah died on June 25, 2009. Ryan said in an interview shortly before her death, "I won't know this world without her." 

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