Is that a new bag? A douchebag.


Is that a new bag? A douchebag.

The point is that there is better for you, there are better options, with bright futures. Still I and about the other one billion guys that are not douches do not understand the attraction to this types of guys, one after another they fall like flies for those guys, and when their close girlfriends tell them of how horrid he is they answer with one sentence "I love him", and maybe that is the answer to all my queries on why all those great women out there are with the "bags", and love is the answer to accepting the mental abuse, or accepting all their self centered attitudes just like a victim of domestic violence accepts the beatings (harsh simile but works), or like a friend put it it is an on going trend and we all "love" trends, like fashion, today is fashionable to be with a "bag", as is to have the newest D&G shoes. Can't wait for the fashion to change and be in style to be courteous, polite, smart, assertive, selfless, etc. So next time you see your girlfriend arrive at the club with a "bag" coin the expression "Is that a new bag? Douche bag that is."

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