Is that a new bag? A douchebag.


Is that a new bag? A douchebag.

We've all seen it a beautiful, smart, confident, successful, woman with what can only be described as a douche bag. A guy obsessed more with his looks, and being (literally) the party than the gorgeous woman that stand behind him and all his very poor choices. Even the channel MTv has capitalized form this trend and has come out with a show called " Is she really going out with him?" Seriously if you have not seen it please do yourself a favour and see what I'm on about.
It has become such a trend or a disease that good honest, hard working, smart, and handsome guys are left out in the cold watching X rated movies and loving themselves (myself included). The simple fact here is that it makes no sense and plenty of guys and gals can concur on this, when you look at this guys you wonder what she ever saw in him, first of how they met is unexplainable since most of the time he was looking at himself in any shiny surface, that is if he ever left his house after hours of gelling up their hair and choosing the "right" outfit. We can even wonder when he made time to go to the location they met be it a club or a bar, etc, since they spend most of the time either in a fake tan booth or the gym. Third their attitude, they are complete arses full of themselves; their attitude towards people in general is that we should bow down to them and kiss the ground they walk on, the other aspect of their behaviour is the way they treat their respective partner, they do not respect their opinion (invalidate them), treat them as if we are in 1949 and have them wash their dirty draws, ignore them constantly while at the presence of other douche bags, and I could go on and on in this subject but I am positive you catch my drift.
The reasons given should be enough for all those well educated women to drop the "Boyfriends" they currently have and wake up realize that there are other guys out there, this guys are gentlemen, that can open doors for you, respect your opinion as a human being and even carry on the same conversation with out any problems wording their sentences or including their hair as part of the conversation. Yes, there is guys out in the world like that, not all of them may have fourteen stones worth of hair product on their hair, not all of them may have an orange fake tan, and not all of them will treat you as their maid (some might if dressed properly), but there is honest gentlemen out in the world.

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