5 Ways To Turn Down A Second Date


5 Ways To Turn Down A Second Date
Do want to give it another go? Here's some ways you can get out of it.

4. The Big White Lie. Sometimes I tell a guy that I got back together with an ex. I think that’s the only believable alibi there is, unless you seem like a person who might go to prison/move to Siberia/join the army on Tuesday. Just make sure your story is plausible, and then try not to run into him at The Gap.

5. The Pass-Along. Beth once went out with a guy who was not her type—but he was her friend's type. So when he asked her out again, she said he was nice but that he'd be really perfect for her friend. He was thrown off for a second, but ultimately intrigued, and he agreed to the set-up. It didn't end up working out, but it sure was generous of Beth!


Looking back, these are all pretty wussy (well, except for #5). Even the "honesty" option is executed from behind a computer. But you know what? 95 percent of guys say, "I'll call you," and then they don’t. So at least I’m not doing that.

What do you do?

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