Finally, The Day Of The Gigolo


Male prostitution is entering the spotlight. But why?

I'm not sure if this upswing in gigolo interest is about voyeurism, economic need (men have lost most of the jobs) or something approaching sexual balance (vis-à-vis gender relations). In the Flight Of The Conchords song "Inner City Pressure," Jemaine Clements laments, "Ladies wouldn't pay you very much for this. I guess you'll never be a concert flautists." And most guys (myself excluded) should probably take that into account before they start turning tricks to make ends meet.

Please check out Fred Garvin, male prostitute, to see what lady johns may have in store (it's actually pretty safe for work).

*Note: It seems that kissing, rather than boning, is the more personal act. Plus you'd guess that some guys who pay for sex probably have smelly breath.