Michael Jackson: The First Man I Ever Loved


michael jackson
Michael Jackson, remembered.

When I learned that Michael Jackson had died I was in a car driving to my mother's house. I pulled over to the side of the road and started sobbing. I had never met him, never been to a concert and probably had stopped listening to his music after Dangerous came out in the late '90s. I cried because what came rushing back was that image of Michael watching over me as I fell asleep as a child. All of the crazy stories, the lawsuits, the surgeries . . . it all disappeared. All I felt was love, the same clear, innocent love I felt when I was five. I will never experience that kind of love again. Michael Jackson's Greatest Love Songs

I dried my eyes and pulled out my Thriller CD (sitting in my car with all of my favorite albums), popped it in and went to track 7 and listened to Michael sing "Human Nature." He may have left this world, but he will never leave my life. He's the first man I ever loved and he left a wealth of brilliant music for me to remember him by. I love you still Michael. God bless you and keep you in his grace until you are reunited with those you love.

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