Comment of the Day 6/26

Comment of the Day 6/26

In our overly litigious society, often people feel the need to right every slight with a little lawsuit. Causing me to ask the question, are lawsuits the new "pistols at dawn" way to settle a fight. Talk about street justice. A man who was jilted by his wife is now suing the lover. In response, Janise writes disputing this response. Not disputing the legitimacy of the lawsuit, but the object of the wrath:

If anything he should sue his ex. She's the one who claimed to love him then slept around

Way to put things in perspective Janise.  Vasha also responded to the article writing:

Revenge first dig two graves. Alienation of affection is most likely unconstitutional because it supposes emotional and sexual slavery. She has every right to take care of her happiness. He has not grounds and this is just a waste of the court's time. She is under (nor he) to file for divorce or any such. You can't force someone to love you nor can you force them to have sex with you. She could counter sue. There is no such thing as alienation of affections because that supposed people as property. We are all free agents!!!

Exactly. Now, let's go back to pistols at dawn, shall we?


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