Plenty of Fish = Plenty of Chum


Plenty of Fish = Plenty of Chum

My prize fish was a big hairy dude, and when I tell you he was “this big”, believe me!!  I get an e-mail with a photo of a very large, very unattractive white guy , with a "Grizzly Adams" beard holding  a large fish by the gills.  How appropriate for the site (Plenty of Fish – haha, what a sense of humor!)  But
wait, there’s more!!! He told me I had beautiful “tits” and asked if I
would like to do a threesome with one of his male friends.  He even offered to send photos of them and their “equipment”!  Wow, I don’t even know how I resisted an offer like that!!!  Believe me, I can’t make this stuff up!!!

Is POF worth your time?  That
depends on your situation… I did make a few new contacts with half a
dozen guys, they all seem to be normal, attractive guys.  I guess that remains to be seen.  Maybe if you don’t have time or outside activities to meet people, if you’re shy or new in town – then it could be for you.  I have lots of social activities and I am neither shy nor new in town.  So as the contestants used to tell Chuck Woolery on “Blind Date” – “I’m going to remain on my own”.  I’ll be back in two and two with another random blog.  Now a word from our sponsor…

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