Plenty of Fish = Plenty of Chum


Plenty of Fish = Plenty of Chum

those 275 there were 7 guys that I corresponded with, six that I
exchanged either e-mails or phone numbers and 3 that I actually planned
to meet.  The majority of them were very nice guys from all over the map, literally and figuratively!!  All ages, all backgrounds and I even got one from Canada – and although I was very specific, under the “Who may contact you” section I specified: “Only users who are not married”, “Only users who have photos”, and “Only users who do NOT smoke”.  Although these seem like pretty simple guidelines – I got smokers and even one married guy.  One of the smokers even offered to quit for me… yeah, good way to start a relationship.  He’s jonesing for a cancer stick and blaming me for everything – how could that go wrong?  The
married guy explained that since he has been separated for 7 years and
never intends to get married again, he doesn’t even consider himself
married anymore.  Hmmm, I informed him that fact might matter to most of the women he meets.



Here’s where it turns into a big ol’ bucket of CHUM!!!  I had several guys just outright say, “I know you’re out of my league, but…  Is that any way to start??  One of my favorites was from a nice gentleman who listed his height at UNDER 5’ tall… my own little nugget!  While
that was tempting he had some tough competition with a 20 year old,
yes, a boy who can not even legally go out and have a drink and could
also be my son!!!  I responded that he was too young and he just said he thought he’d give it a shot.  I like that attitude.  I had a marriage proposal from a 27 year old and a 55 year old guy offered to buy me a beach house!!!   Now, of course I know they are kidding but you have one shot – that’s what you open with????  Ugh.


I also got a few guys who truly believe that persistence pays off.  One
contacted me 4 times (with no response or prompting from me) trying to
convince me what a great guy and catch he was – I was not impressed.  Another must have e-mailed 10 times (again with no response from me) to see if I would take a chance on him.  Each time was more complimentary than the last and I still was not persuaded to contact him.

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