Plenty of Fish = Plenty of Chum


Plenty of Fish = Plenty of Chum

So I recently put up a profile on (“POF”) and I was unprepared for this experience.   A few friends of mine had done the same and I figured I would give it a try.  It’s a truly free dating site and if you’re willing to sift through the crap, who knows what you might find.


It works much like you would expect.  You
post a profile with your age, location, a little something about
yourself, some photos, take a little chemistry quiz and you’re off and
running.  You can search for people using different criteria – in a certain area, by age, etc.  Then you can contact people to see if there is a desire to meet or date or whatever.

My profile was short and to the point!!  Attractive blonde sick of games…  As soon as I posted my profile along with 6 photos I started getting e-mails and little annoying pop ups to instant message ("IM").  I
never took advantage of the IM feature and I never actually did a
search at all – My heart was not really in this so I was not proactive
at all.  I strictly went on the e-mails from people contacting me.

I got 27 e-mails the first day I was on POF.  I foolishly decided that I would be polite and answer everyone that contacted me.  I felt if these guys were going to take a minute to contact me and put
themselves out there then I could be courteous and let them know either
way.  HAHA – that was a silly idea and far too time consuming to imagine.  I had a profile on the site for about 10 days and received approximately 275 inquiry e-mails.  I answered about the first 30 letting them down easy, after that I just responded to the interesting ones…

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