Comment of the Day 06/22

Comment of the Day 06/22

One of the best things about this site is that there are so many people willing to share advice, thoughts and ideas.Users write a blog or a question in the forums with a problem and other users read it and give advice. Recently, sophia67 wrote a blog looking for just that sort of advice. Knock3xz responded with heartfelt advice that came from her own experience:

...I strongly suggest that you learn to take control of your own life. Get counseling, get yourself a good therapist, it works wonders. I did, and just the fact I had someone to talk to who didn't judge me. And would never utter a word about what we talked about to anyone gave me believiable strength, and courage.
By talking I could finally see myself as I was and I didn't like it. I figured it out, saw it for what it was, then with my therapist encouragement started working on ME. I rebuilt the self-esteem my husband torn down on a daily bases and I torn myself away from the married man I had been seeing.
It wasn't easy, I'd be lying if I told you it was. It was heart wrenching, and there were days I didn't think I'd survive it. But I did, and my kids... well they turned out to be adults I can be proud of. My daughters been married for 15 years now and just graduated from Community College. My son served 8 years in the Army, and came out a better man and father.

Thanks Knocks! It's advice and insight like this that make this site truly great.


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