Kind of Wife Who Gets Cheated On

Kind of Wife Who Gets Cheated On
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    "I am imperfect in a million ways, but I always thought I was the kind of woman, the kind of wife to whom a husband would be faithful."   Elizabeth Edwards in her memoir, Resilience.

So what kind of wife gets cheated on?  The unattractive wife?  The one who ages?  Or is the problem wives who won't have sex?  Wives who won't try threesomes?  Wives who get busy and aren't available whenever their husband is in the mood?

Or is it about something other than sex?  Maybe the kind of wife who gets cheated on is the kind who nags.  Could she be the one who criticizes the way her husband cleans the kitchen floor?  The one who complains when he leaves the toilet seat up?  The wife who is too caught up in daily living to remember to compliment him and say "I love you"?

Is she the jealous wife who watches his every move?  Or the wife who lets him hang out in bars because she thinks he would never do that to her?

Maybe she's the kind of wife who stays home raising children until her husband gets bored with her.  Then again, maybe she's the kind of wife who works outside the home and has no time for her husband.  Is she the kind of wife who refuses to have kids?  The kind who has kids and then puts them first all the time?

Or maybe she's the kind who's married to a human being.  A human being who, for whatever reason, decided to cheat.  Maybe because married life is hard work full of trivial details.  Maybe because it feels good to be adored, even if it isn't real.  Maybe someone made a pass at him when he was angry at his wife.  Maybe it was just about him - maybe he was feeling old and wanted to be sure he was still attractive.  Maybe it was pure lust.

There is no kind of wife who gets cheated on.  All wives have flaws.  All marriages have struggles and bad times.  Anyone who wants to cheat can find reasons to blame their partner.  And anyone can find reasons to stop themselves.


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