Neil Patrick Harris Not Expecting a Baby

Neil Patrick Harris Not Expecting a Baby
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Neil Patrick Harris and his partner are not expecting a baby—yet!

So, are Neil Patrick Harris and his longtime partner David Burtka expecting a baby via a surrogate mother? Star magazine reported earlier this week that the couple were going through Growing Generations, the same agency that Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick used for the twin girls they are expecting in July. Sources even revealed that Neil and David had made it through the screening process and were relieved that they could start going through surrogate profiles to find the right woman to carry their baby. The source even went on to say, “Neil and David can’t wait to hold their baby; they don’t care if it’s a boy or a girl. They just want a healthy child.” Evidently, Having Babies Is For Poor People
Well, it looks like those reports were just a tad premature even though we think Neil would make a terrific dad. After his knock out job hosting the Tony Awards—just imagine those killer lullabies he could sing the little one to sleep with each night! But Neil released a statement this week that simply stated, “We are currently not expecting a baby.” But there is still hope. Neil did add, “Maybe someday . . .”  
If Neil and David had a baby, their little one would be in great company on the set of Neil’s hit show How I Met Your Mother. Co-stars Alyson Hannigan and Cobie Smulders both recently became first time parents. Wouldn’t it be great if Barney, Neil’s playboy character on the show, had a baby written into his story line? We’d like to see him have that kid “suit up!” 10 TV Characters To Bring To Your Bachelor Party
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