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Comment of the Day 06/18

Comment of the Day 06/18

In response to "Open Marriage: One Man's Surprising Take", beachbum writes that the ability to be open in your relationship only comes when couples are able to let go of their sense of ownership over one another:

Ownership issues seems to be the difference between younger and older. Time and maturity tends to give one a different perspective about the guidelines that border relationships beyond jealousy. In all honesty "She" becomes more important and the things that make her happy rather than "I/Me/Mine". Once beyond the ownership and jealousy traditions of monogamy, you find that it's really ok to share. It doesn't diminish her in your eyes, you in hers, and women are that much more able at multitasking than men. In fact it makes her that much more vivacious knowing she can command the attentions of men other than the one vowed to "love, honor and cherish. If you can't get beyond immaturity and jealousy, you're right, an open marriage is not for you.

Thanks for that insight, beachbum. It certainly does put relationships into perspective.


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