The Links: Is Chivalry On Life-Support?


Also "wife camp," the "adorkable" Michael Cera and Chinese sex changes.

Hello loyal readers, once-in-a-while skimmers and accidental glancers. Now is the late spring of our laziness. Rather than ask you to look for yourself, I've cruised the interwebs for the best love and relationships content of the past few weeks. Just so we're on the same page, some of this ish is bananas. With further a-don't, the links: 

Em & Lo are concerned about the state of male-courteousness. So, they've asked their very own man panel what's up with chivalry. These dudes are totally down with it, it's the rest of the jags out there screwing things up... a sweet silk-screen, ironic t-shirt is no replacement for a coat-of-arms.


Chivalry must be in the ether, Marie Claire's dude-about-town Rich Santos tackles the topic in a recent blog. I'm starting to wonder if chivalry ever really was around. And I'm not just picking on chivalry, I don't think friendship ever existed either.

My new homie, Simone Grant, digs online dating. She's not afraid to admit it and her rationale is seven-fold. I have to say I'm a little disappointed that she doesn't like it for the same reason that Francis McDormand's character in Burn After Reading does. (Check out her blog at

While on lists, the inmates over at Asylum compiled a list explaining the ten best geeky Twitter pick-up lines. And here I thought any Twitter pickup line was the pinnacle of dorkdom. Sadly, no jokes ending with the word "Uranus."

While we're discussing the cutely socially inept, Glamour has coined a new word: adorkable. The word describes why people are attracted to Michael Cera, Jimmy Fallon and the cast of The Big Bang Theory (and me, to a few women). Lexiconographers have stopped searching for a term to describe attraction to the guys from The Hills.

At the home office (YourTango), we've a great article about a man who worked his way up to second banana the old-fashioned way: marrying the boss. Sadly, no jokes about him taking a position just beneath her (it's funny because powerful women like being on-top).

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