Why I Hated His Strip-Club Bachelor Party


strip club bachelor party
A bride-to-be feels betrayed when her fiance hits up a strip club a week before their wedding.

The whole time: creepy calm.

Husband-to-be went to the strip club; I went to the girls. It took calls to several of my bridesmaids that night for me to work through how I felt. I've always been confident in my looks, but suddenly that assurance was shaken. Is there something he wants to see that I don't have? I was also mad at my stereotypical reaction. I felt like a cliché that you see on those horrible wedding reality shows. The fiancé makes a fool of himself by "acting like a man" at his bachelor party, and when his bride finds out, she makes a fool of herself by screaming and lunging at him. You always wonder, "Why are these two even getting married? They have no respect for each other." Were we no better than that? 6 Wedding-Themed TV Shows To Watch


Then it came to me: we were better than that. We had a tremendous amount of respect for one another, and I had simply dropped the ball on communicating.  I hadn't taken the time to examine my feelings, or express them to my future husband—a good habit to have when committing to spend the rest of your life with someone. 

The next day, the defense for Team Man was working overtime:

"We just talked and drank! No one even got a lap dance: We might as well have been at a bar!" Read: My First (and Last) Lap Dance

"Then why didn't you just go to a bar?" Zing! That's 150 points for the double X-chromosome.

The location of his party suggested he needed one last hurrah before we got married, and it offended me. Our marriage was supposed to be one long hurrah: something we looked forward to, not something from which we needed a reprieve. Sure it's idealistic, but if you can't afford some idealism the week before you get married, when can you? The strip club wasn't the issue; it was the timing of the visit that bothered me. So when he promised to never go again, I could honestly say I wouldn't care if he did. We'd already be married during that next visit; it wouldn't be a statement about our impending union.   

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