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My worst nightmare has finally come true. I have been with my fiance for 5 years. Last year in February we bought a house together and had a beautiful baby girl a few months later. I guess you could say having a new baby put a strain on our relationship and we werent really getting along. But that never changed the way i felt about him. I always loved him with all my heart and the thought of cheating still to this day would never cross my mind. January 30, 2009 we had an argument at the house and the police were called and made me leave my home. That was the last time i stepped foot in my house for 3 months. During the time we were apart we were both trying to get custody of our daughter and I guess you could say things got pretty ugly. We had restaining orders on eachother and all that bs. During this time we found out our second child was on the way (a boy due october 2009). He ofcourse was not thrilled but in my mind we were both slowly trying to work towards a resolution. Never in my wildest dreams did I think in only 30 days he was already seeing another woman 12 years older than me and they were having sex. She told me everything. He stayed over her house alot and vice versa. I found out he was talking to someone (after seeing his phone) but he said she was just a friend and pretty much stop talking to her completly from that day forward. But by that time the damage was alreadt done. I actually moved back home in may now and our realtionship is going well i guess. He has always denied being sexual with her but just yesterday I found out they were in fact having sex and sleeping together on a regular basis during our brief seperation. I am heart broken and not sure if I should leave. I cant believe he could move on and have another realtionship with another woman so quickly..ONLY ONE MONTH!! On top of that have sex when we have another child on the way?! When I moved back in I had no idea they were sexual and now I know and feel like a fool. Even though we were seperated I still feel betrayed and dont understand how he could do that to me in only one month of bEINGg seperated. I cant even look at him and he still doesnt even know that i found out the truth. I feel like after 5 years if he can move on that quickly I must have meant nothing to him. Pleeease help me someone I need your advice on wheather I should stay or go. I always told myself when you seek another partner its over but my daughter and son on the way make me think twice. i dont know what to do. he disgusts me. help


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