SEX: What’s on the Menu Tonight?


SEX: What’s on the Menu Tonight?

spacerun: yes">  In the many ways we refer to sex in our daily dealings, the one that resonates for most people has to do with appetite – i.e. sexual appetite.  So, let us compare and contrast sexual appetite with what is known to every human being and that is one’s appetite for food.  Very simply put, if we look at how most people satisfy their sexual appetite it reads like we are going to dine in, with leftovers and someone else is responsible for cooking the meal and better like what is being serving.  How much desire would you have if you had to eat the same reheated leftovers night after night?  I think most of us would get pretty darned bored and lose our desire completely, only wanting to eat now and then if we were really hungry.

However, what if we approached our sexual appetite in the same or similar fashion that we satiate our hunger?  At the very beginning, most people feel comfortable asking their partner what food they are in the mood for.  From there, most people find more pleasure in sharing a meal with a loved one and even more when there is stimulating conversation.  Additionally, we all have a basic language for communicating our needs for food.  We for the most part easily and openly talk about food, while we are lucky if we can hint at sex.  So why are we able to maintain a lifelong desire for food?  The answer is easy – because we do not offer only one meal choice and we constantly are trying new flavors, combing tastes, experimenting with new recipes, etc. 

Ways to satiate sexual appetite fail in comparison to the way we satisfy our appetite for food.  We offer a limited variety sexually but a vast array for hungry appetites.  The question we all ask ourselves at one point or another in our lives is – What’s on the menu?  A sampling of answers we afford go something like this:


·     Fine dining


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