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Help with a story!

Help with a story!

Tango-ers! A reporter at a national publication is
writing about touching in the workplace. This story is not about sexual
contact, but arm-on-the-shoulder, slap-on-the-back, friendly-hug
touching. (While there's a stict taboo about touching at work, it does
go on all the time: you place a hand on a shoulder, a boss gives a
manager a slap on the back, you high-five a teammate. Also, there's a lot of touching nowadays, as people hug post layoffs.)

The reporter is looking to talk to women about the times they've been
touched, whether it was supportive or gross or somewhere in between.
She's also exploring the gender gap in touching, where men slap each
other on the back but rarely pat women, even if it's for the same
accomplishment. If you can help shed light on all this, she'd be

If you're interested, please contact her directly at

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