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Comment of the Day 06/16

Comment of the Day 06/16

While bad boys have a certain appeal to everyone, including men (why else do you think there are a million men out there pretending to be 'gangsters'), MoMo writes to assure us that being a bad boy is just a phase:

The so called "bad boys" are the young to mid 20 age guys that have not grown up and not into the real world. The "bad boys" that were are now grown and realize that "bad boys" are either just a facade or so dysfunctional that they themselves have a lot of problems. i think your just looking in the wrong place and need to look elsewhere. The so called "bad boys" that are now grown up and in their 30's come to realize that grown up men don't go getting in fights, don't act like punks, don't go grab women's asses blah blah blah we "bad boys" that have grown up and out of that phase have been there done that and are mature. The "bad boys" and yes there are still some that never grow up and always act immature and that comes from either a bad home or they have some serious issues. But the "bad boys" that have grown up and out of the stage are the ones that were acting like that 1. because they are in college and that's how a lot of college guys act and 2nd they are just acting like that because they are out of there parents house and trying new and different things.

Thanks MoMo. It's good to know, that unlike Peter Pan, some boys do grow up.


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