My Wife Is My Boss: An Entrepreneur Couple's Tale


My Wife Is My Boss: An Entrepreneur Couple's Tale
Working together adds some unique challenges to a married couple's relationship.

The trickiest thing was figuring out when the work day ended. Entrepreneurs work insane hours no matter what, but here we had the ability to extend work into our breakfast routine, into our shower time, into our wee-hours before sleep. My wife and I quickly got into the habit of talking about work constantly. Our work day started at breakfast and ended when one of us would fall asleep in the middle of a discussion about this year's cashew harvest. Things came to a head, though, when work wormed its way between the sheets. When kisses are broken up by dialogue about whether or not bananas can be packaged in a green bag (instead of yellow), you know you've got a problem.

So we worked up strict rules dividing where work ended and marriage began:


1. No work talk in the bedroom (it's not good for the sex life). If we're in bed and suddenly decide to talk work, we take it to the kitchen. Read: 20 Relationships And Technology Dos And Don'ts

2. No bedroom talk at work (it's not good for employee morale). We've had employees who didn't know we were married for months because we just don't show that side of our relationship in the office.

3. If one of us is working at night, the other is taking care of chores or helping out in some way. When we're playing or relaxing, we're both playing or relaxing.

4. We don't take lunch together. What do we talk about at lunch: work? Not work? It's too much of a mess, so it's best if we have lunch with other people.

These guidelines helped us stay professional, loving, sane, and made lovemaking lovely again. After 12 years of living together, my wife and I knew how to work together on double dates, shopping trips, and planning and executing killer vacations. I'd assumed that more than a decade of living together would make us terrible co-workers. In fact, we make a great team. We can communicate quickly and clearly with complete trust, always knowing that we're both working towards the same goal.

Like it or not, people are always betting with relationships. In our case, that bet made us work that much harder towards success. It's a thrill to work on fruit and nuts with my wife. I wouldn't have it any other way.

And, we must be doing something right. With Peeled Snacks now sold in Costco, in 80 airports around the country and on Jet Blue airlines, even the recession's not holding us back from getting healthy snacks into places where they're otherwise scarce.

In addition to doing sales and marketing for Peeled Snacks, Ian writes for Peeled Skinny, the company blog.


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