Summer is lovely


Summer is lovely

st you, cheer you up, pump you up to do more -  you know.....that is not a huge thing, but it is a factor.

OK - 10:30 and I am going to read the paper!  My circadian rhythms, or whatever they are, seem to want to do small chores (bills, phone calls,) during the earlier part of the day.  I seem to have more energy between 12 and 4.  Then I drag or even nap for an hour (20 minutes used to do it!) until supper, then I do a few more things,, and then, having that 5:15 wake-up call, I like to sit and stare, or read.  Unless I have a rehearsal, in which case I manage to get all these same things done, but without the nap more times than not, and still be "up" for rehearsal.

Am I a freak or am I just getting older?  I weigh less than in many years, but it is slow to come off and I don't see an increase in energy.  I do find that some things are easier, and when bending over at the store is a heck of a lot easier (getting up, that is.)  Now I just need to get into my pool and start my water aerobics!~  Heater, please work today!

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