20 Relationships And Technology Dos And Don'ts


20 Relationships And Technology Dos And Don'ts
Text messages, emails, love oh my! Advice about technology and relationships.
DO have a discussion with your partner about what technologies are OK for big discussions. (IM can be a great way to talk about emotional topics, for example, since you have time to formulate your thoughts before typing and you're less likely to blurt something out in anger.) How to Keep Your Man: Communication

DO refrain from using emoticons and/or tech lingo (eg. LOL, ROTFL), if it annoys your partner.

DO put away your Blackberry or phone on important occasions—like when you have a rare date night without the kids—and ask your partner to do the same.


DO keep tech snobbery to a minimum: "Fine, I'll do it, that brick of yours doesn't even have a video camera."

DO at least try to figure something out before asking him or her to teach you a second time.

DO bring tech to bed—for recreation only! No work. Photos: The Best Adult Toys for Couples

DO use texting at parties to let your partner that you want to go.

DO make every other Twitter about your partner… or Demi Moore. Ashton Makes Twitter Love Wave For Demi

Readers, any other tech tips for relationships? What tech faux pas is your significant other guilty of? Let us know!