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I Thought I was OUT of High School.


In Highschool, I was a goth chick. Now, I'm... still a goth chick, just without so many mini-skirts, less make-up and I don't wear a dog collar everyday. I still have it though. Wear it mostly to clubs, though. Now, I've never liked mainstream fashion that much, but I do still read fashion magazines and articles from time to time. Like how to dress for your body shape, what colours to where, etc., and just translated it into my own style, but lately I've taken issue with some fashion articles. Right now, namely "The Frisky". A recent article on goths made me roll my eyes in annoyance. 'Well,' I thought, 'They were only a spooky kid in high school. Obviously bitter or something about it.' Because, seriously, only spooky kids (the not-quite-goth-Marylin-Manson-obsessed-Hot-Topic-loving) don't know who Alien Sex Fiend is and STILL call themselves goth. Pshah!

But it was a subsequent article, on Korean made contacts meant to make your eyes look like an anime character that really irked me. Yes, I happen to like anime. I'm a nerd, after all. Part of why I'm a goth chick (because, really, what's more nerdy than studying old fashion and then trying to wear it) is my nerdiness. So when the article went on to make anime fans sound like we were crazy, I'm beginning to doubt that I'm out of high school.

I understand that people will always judge others that are different, but making fun of a whole group of people publicly just for the hell of it? Yea, totally thought people grew out of that phase. Guess not. They just find a wider audience for their complaints.


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