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Comment of the Day 06/12

Comment of the Day 06/12

Natural disasters, financial problems and illness can put severe strain on a relationship. And while it is nice to know that sometimes they come out okay, sometimes the going get's a little rough. Lonelycat writes:

I had an ileostomy done in October 2008 and I still have it. Sometimes i feel like taking it off because it bulges. I look like I'm pregnant and that may never happen because of my health. I have a husband but I wonder how he feels about it because he does not talk about it. We are talking about divorce and it is sad because this is the time when I need to have someone close to me to go through hard, life changing events. He says he may not be able to take care of me. So I feel very inspired by your story; that there is a silver lining to whatever stormy cloud. I am truly happy that you have found LOVE.

When I was writing the story on how natural disasters effect relationships, I met a lot of couples who were still going through a hard time and simply didn't want to talk about their relationship or the difficulties they were facing. So, Lonelycat, you are not alone. Its only in the aftermath that we have the luxury of hindsight. People in the middle are still trudging through. Keep up the good work, you'll get through.


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