3 Unfair Things About My Husband

3 Unfair Things About My Husband

He doesn't care who I would marry if he died.  As he points out, he would be dead.  I, on the other hand, have told him that if I die first, he should be miserable for a year, and then he can re-marry.  I have also instructed him not to choose anyone too different from me - if he did, it would mean he doesn't love me.  I actually spend time getting twisted up over questions like this.

And why does he like Samantha and Charlotte, for heaven's sake?  What does that mean?

He doesn't hear anything unless he's listening - and he can't listen and do something else at the same time.  I walk out of a restaurant and ask, "Could you believe the terrible things that guy said to his girlfriend?  How can they talk about things like that in public?"  My husband has no idea what I'm talking about since he has been, quite rightly, paying attention to what I said.  (I can still recite back what he said, probably better than he can.)

I realize this doesn't sound unfair, but when I'm upstairs in my study working while he watches our daughter, guess who hears our daughter ask for help pouring the apple juice?  And who has to decide whose turn it is for the computer while cooking dinner?  And who completely misses what I told him while he sorted the recycling?

He knows I love him.  I would be happy to ask him, "Do you love me?" every five minutes.  We have been married over 20 years, he cooks dinner, he supports my dreams, he shares my bed every night, he keeps talking until we work out our fights, he fixes the toilet.  Still, I need to hear him say "I love you."  He, on the other hand, has actually said, "I know," when I told him I loved him.  I'm sure he likes hearing it, but he doesn't have to ask.


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