From Tragedy To Togetherness: The Story Of A Flood


flooded home
Flood survivors recount how they lost everything but kept their marriages together.

"We walked out of our home with the clothes on our backs," Linda says. "We lost everything in the flood." But she shakes her head and quickly corrects herself. "Well, not everything." She smiles and leans in toward Max. Their house was filled with eight feet of water. A small sign on their newly painted living room wall marks the flood line.

Linda has short dark hair, wears a gold cross around her neck and shimmery Pink lipstick. Max's ruddy face is quick to smile. While Linda does most of the talking, he lets me know what he thinks. This is a man who's perfected the art of the eye roll. When I first meet Linda and Max, Linda wants to know if they should talk about their sex life. Before I can answer, Max says, "Sex, what sex?" They both laugh.


"We're too busy for sex." says Linda. "Yeah," Max laughs, "We only have time for mind sex." Linda explains that it took seven dumpsters to clean out all the flooded belongings from their house.

"The eighth dumpster took our sex life," she jokes. Watch: 3 Ways To Squeeze In More Sex

Both Max and Linda agree that the process of rebuilding after the flood was the most difficult challenge their marriage has ever faced. They didn't fight more, simply because they were too tired to fight. But Linda does recall some big arguments that arose, one involving where to put their new shower. Another when Max wanted to tear out her water-logged lilacs.

"I still do," he says pressing his hands together in mock prayer. "I pray to God every night, please take those lilacs." Linda reaches over and smacks his arm.

Max shrugs. "When you've been together long enough you know that those fights are really about the frustration, not about lilacs or a shower." Read: How To Fight Like a Wife

Katie, 26, and Andrew, 27, an Iraq veteran, were just shy of their three-year wedding anniversary when the flood took their home and their places of work.

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