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Love Bytes: Help Getting Up And Out

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Tips for socializing more, sexual harassment in India and naughty photos

Love Bytes: Four must click love, dating and relationship links.

Need something to get out off the computer and out of the house? Here's some tips for more socializing. [Huffington Post]

Follow the Obama trend and have a date with your partner regularly. Make a pact not to talk about work or the kids, and instead tell funny stories, read poetry, reminisce about when you met, and pay each other at least five compliments before the night is over.

Jeans are responsible for sexual harassment, Indian officials believe. [TresSugar]

Looking for naughty photos? Try these tips to make the best of the photo session. [Em & Lo]

All relationships have soundtracks. Here's to the relationships of 2008. [College Humor]


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