Comment of the Day 06/10

Comment of the Day 06/10

BookMama posted a blog about how to talk honestly to her kids about sex. Quite a few users responded (including me!) saying that as kids they all craved that person who would sit down and actually tell them what masturbation was without blushing or speaking in euphemisms. Qverb wrote:

I'm grateful that I didn't get any until college (not that i wasn't trying in high school). I think it kept the act as something a bit more special to me, and not so easily switchable between "just sex" and "love making" as it is for most guys. Now, I have no problem talking openly about it with my mom, but dad still turns beat red when he tries to talk about it!

I wish I did have someone knowledgable to speak with when I was younger though...someone who would be frank and upfront about it all.

It looks like even as adults we all crave that honest and open talk about a subject that has been shrouded in mystery for too long. That's why you all are on the site, right? Keep up the wise chatter! It's helpful to everyone.


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