Love Bytes: Movies Your Boyfriend Will Love

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Great date movies, the pros of bikini waxing, eHarmony, and how to attend a party solo.

Love Bytes:  Four must click love, dating and relationship links.

Boyfriend-Friendly Movies. [College Candy]

The Single Girl's Guide To Attending A Party Solo. [Glamour]

Find anyone you might know. Look for the host or someone you recognize. If it’s a work-related event, introduce yourself to the publicist or planner throwing it.

Head to the bar. This one is especially obvious. If you’re a quiet person, order a loud drink with an umbrella and use it as a conversation piece. If that’s embarrassing, how about a Kir Royale? People will say, "That looks yummy."

How A Bikini Wax Saved My Sex Life. [Divine Caroline]

Finding Love Using eHarmony [Nerve]


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