Comment of the Day 06/09

Comment of the Day 06/09

It's basically always open season on men who don't keep up with their share of the housework. But, in response to "Married Women At Fault For Own Unhappiness", Book Mama turns some of our conventional nagging on its head:

I hate this kind of attitude. Why blame individual women for men not doing as much housework? You can't just tell them to choose someone else - so long as there as some guys around who won't do their share, someone's going to be stuck with them.

Besides, a lot of the difference in hours spent on housework has to do with having kids. Women are more likely to cut back on their work to be with their kids. The economy isn't set up for two part-time workers to support a family most of the time.

While I agree, that its hard to make it 50/50 all the time. I do agree there must be some give and take. And I know that in my own experience, I've seen women have a hard time relinquishing control over the home and the kids. So, if the man wants to clean the toilet one way or take the kids to McDonald's when she wants a picnic, the woman usually gets her way and the man resigns himself to a sideline role. If your guy is on the sidelines, reevaluate how you treat him when he helps. Often, if they're benched its because we pulled them out of the game.


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