Examining The Less Manly Japanese “Herbivore”


japanese men
According to Maki Fukasawa, young Japanese men are struggling to have sex.

At any rate, the Japanese are at a real crossroads when it comes to relationships (and relations). Their procreation has fallen below the repopulation rate (which may be a good thing in crowded cities but not great elsewhere), the economy's decade of sputters and starts seem to have robbed some of the nation's esprit de corp, some young men and women have taken to locking themselves in their rooms for months at a time (the hikokomori phenomenon), couples speak to each other for an average of less than 30 minutes per day (granted, the language is tough to understand), Japanese men have founded a "Don't Divorce Me Club," Love Hotels are mostly for talking, companionship dolls are gaining popularity, something or another about "elder porn," recycled sex and a mandate from the government that women need to start dealing with dirty laundry.

All in all, Japanese love lives are in dire straights. They still have Karaoke, Kobe beef and Godzilla. Thankfully no Gaijin has emasculated him. Oh wait:

*Note: Fine, men and women can just be friends. Barely.

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