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Comment of the Day 06/08


We all want better sex. I read once that the only sex possible to describe was bad sex and who wants to hear about that? We all have enough bad sex of our own. So how about making it better? In response to the community blog post by Johanna Lyman,"Are You Having Grown-Up Sex", MrsSmith08 writes:

I realized that sex is better not only when you love the person that you are with. But when you can open up and tell your partner what you want. Once i opened up 100% i noticed that sex got better and i feel a stronger connection then when i was not open. Sex was always good with him but it's wondererful because we are connecting with each other on new level.

Thanks for the tip MrsSmith. Also, congratulations to my parents for being married 30 years. It's topical because in the first 14 years of their marriage they had 8 kids. They're not catholic, they just love the sex.


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