i bet u think this blog is about u

i bet u think this blog is about u

jeepers, sometimes i can't believe the things i read.
its like you think u know someone&bam! they are total jerks that will never grow up, or worse, they waited so long to find themselves, they became a ridiculous mess of baggage & lies. i mean this guy is beyond sad, i now see him as boderline scary & oh, so desperate.
let's call him COD. i got this from my daughter's "seventeen" magazine. she just received her new issue today & she read an article that gave all young ladies a warning for this summer: "watch out for the CODs" (creepy old dudes). je,je. we thought it was HILARIOUS! but then the more i thought about it, the less funny it became. dare i say i know COD?  dare i say, i never knew him at all? if this a mid-life crisis, why didn't he just color his gray or buy a porsche? or may the real COD please step forward?
and, the more i learn about this particular (current) COD the more i realize, it's a jungle out there & we all need to be vigilant of the ones we love, no matter how sure they think they are. we are on the outside, looking in & our perspective may be less blurry & probably "untainted".
love yourself enough to be careful & wait long enough to be ready, wise. i believe the secret is to be loyal, trustworthy, dependable & honestly good (not only to others, but to YOURSELF). you don't have to walk on water, but do your best at speaking the truth.
people are getting way too comfortable presenting themselves as they are not. just be careful. fantasy will NEVER be reality & reality will ALWAYS be sincere.


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