Dam Ex's

Dam Ex's

Hello blog world,

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Anyway I pretty sure I love my ex, I'm not gonna go into detail of why were not together! But I will say it's like a roller coaster! One minute I can talk to him and be his friend, then the next he'll say some of the dumbest shit, that pisses me off about him! Or he won't call after we already made plans for that day, he'll call  the next day and just act like nothing happened! It's not sexual, so don't think i'm just his little booty call, cuz your girl smarter than that! But it's something about him that won't let me get over him! And it seems like he strings me along, just in case things don't work out with his child's mother!  I know it's time to let him go, but he was the first of many things for me and I just can't shake his ass!

What do I do?


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