13 Relationships Mistakes We Men Could Stop Making


relationship mistakes
We dudes aren't perfect, we should quash a few relationship mistakes ourselves.

9. Solving every problem. Dude, sometimes we're supposed to just listen and empathize. Even if a solution is slapping you in the face like Rick James in the China Club, just listen. Maybe give advice if the same issue constantly comes up. Maybe.

10. Not taking the bait from an obvious attempt to fish a compliment. Compliment fishing, like fishing where people are swimming, is pretty annoying, but sometimes everyone needs a few kind words. 


11. Taking numbers that you don't plan on calling. Honestly, is getting a whole mess of numbers still cool? Was it ever?

12. Taking your teams too seriously. Don't take your hatred for the Gators out on anyone else, OK? On a totally separate note, I'm not to be disturbed for four hours after any Clemson football loss.

13. Trying to look too cool in front of your friends. Yes, yes, bros before hos (am I using that phrase correctly?). But if you're mean to her in front of your buddies, they will not respect her. I suppose if she tries to chump you in front of your boys, though, your hands are untied.

I'd like to note that at one point or another, I have made roughly all of these mistakes. Don't be like me, kids. Also, keep in mind that the last time it was OK to be casually mean to your girlf (or boyf) was the summer of 1999. I don't know why, it was a strange time (it could have something to do with the Y2K problem).

Let us know of any other major relationship mistakes the XY crew needs to quash. (Be nice.) Read: 13 Male Habits The World Could Do Without

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