Would You Marry A Man Sight Unseen?


women with eyes closed
"I Married A Stranger" hopes to discredit the idea that seeing is believing.

We believe in love at first sight but the theory doesn't work quite as well if you take vision out of the equation.

Imagine falling for someone you've barely met let alone never laid eyes on? This is not the premise for a faceless Facebook application. It's the new Fox reality television show titled, "I Married a Stranger."

"Production has already been completed on the pilot," reports Variety, "which centers on a woman who is in her late 30s and is eager to get hitched. A group of friends and family are presented with five eligible men, and the group slowly picks off the guys until one is left standing."

The last man standing will then marry his blindfolded bride at the end of the episode and together, the pair will hope and pray that these friends of theirs didn't do them wrong. Read: Matchmaker, Matchmaker

Of all the 5 senses, sight happens to rank pretty high on our list when it comes to getting to know someone. Sound, smell, touch and taste are all top contenders but sight is definitely our favorite way of identifying a soul mate.

Taking the premise of the show into consideration, however, we'll assume that love is blind and reflect upon what other sense makes sense as a suitable alternative.

While a man's voice can reveal his sensitive side or his country of origin, in this day and age, when do we really get to communicate face to face anyway? Much of our modern dating strategy depends on technology which means a woman will sooner hear the sound of her iPhone vibrate than she will her suitor's voice.

Smell is essential but let's face it, a little soap and water can do wonders. If a guy doesn't have it going on in the odor department, every holiday is an opportunity to alter his chemical imbalance. Cologne, after shave and even mouthwash make great gifts and will do the trick.