Comment of the Day 06/05

Comment of the Day 06/05

We've had a lot of talk on this site about how a mother can guide her children in love. BookMama posted a blog post about talking to her kids about sex. Definitely a touchy subject. In response to the article, "Love Advice From Mom" sheks writes:

It's natural for moms to be a little strict particularly to their daughters once they enter into some kind of serious relationship. Moms are moms on which their sole concern is to protect their child in a situation they aren't ready to face.

My mom just made sure that we are properly guided when we are still kids. For in this stage, our inner values are most developed.

She also told us that it will be appropriate for us to get into serious relationship only after college because she do believe in the importance for us to finish education. When the right man comes, at least you are better prepared of emotionally and your decision-making is more mature. By that time, my mom let us experience what love is all about and she never restricted us to to feel pain and be able to stood still despite heartbreaks.

You will only understand your mom more if you too will become a mother someday...

I still believe that Mothers know best!!

Listen to your moms, kids.


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